K² are qualified wellbeing specialist, have received their diploma in sports development, they currently are head coaches of Rugby all codes academy, hold mental health workshops, have learning support roles whilst head of strength and conditioning at Narrabeen Sports High School.

This is how the journey started .......

K² Sportstyle were founded by identical twins John and Maurice Kennedy as youngsters they had big dreams and all the potential in the world to play professional football. They both had so much natural talent and were knocking on the door of the NRL, ARU and Australian '7s however, never fulfilled their full potential.

In 2018 they knew that their football career was nearing an end so they decided to reflect back on their career to see what they could have done better or where they had failed. They came across a book called MINDSET by Carol Dweck and it all started from there.

Both the boys had a lot of ups and downs in sport and life. Maurice broke his neck in two places and dislocated his cervical spine. John signed his first NRL contract at 17 and was meant to set the world on fire but never quite did. They realised that they had all this natural talent but were missing the GROWTH MINDSET in different areas of their life. K² are using their careers and failures to help young athletes realise and reach their full potential on and off the sporting field. K² help the youth by applying different MINDSET's to all their activities which range from the class room to on the field and how to tackle every day's obstacles that may be thrown at them on their journey.

K² Sportstyle operate out of Narrabeen Sports High School and run the weights room ("THE BLUE ZONE") outside of school hours. They have memberships available for group sessions or ONE on ONE tailored programs. So If you live on the north side of Sydney (male or female) and need help with:

  • Sports Strength, Skill & Conditioning
  • Holistic Wellbeing Tools & Advice
  • Rugby League, Rugby Union, Rugby 7's, Touch Football, Oz tag or anything that involves a footy, your in the right place.

K² Sportstyle - Blue Zone

K² also run their School holiday workshops out of Narrabeen Sports High School. That include footy fundamentals, fun and life hacks. These workshops are targeted at youth aged 8 – 13 years old.

K² Holiday Workshops

Don't live in Sydney?

The boys also do online programs where they take into consideration your lifestyle/sport/goals and tailor a program that is guaranteed to move you closer to your dreams. You can also email K² with a video of your skills so they can help you anywhere, anytime in the world.

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What is Ksquared Sportstyle?

Ksquared will help you realise your full potential on and off the field!


Our focus is to support and nurture athletes and help your understand the four factors that will transform you into a world-class athlete. We specialise in strength, conditioning and skill for youth (male & female) who want to play all types of footy (Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch Football, Oz tag) at any level.

We train and mould kids to reach their own specific goals and become fit athletes. Our programs are designed to incorporate workouts, exercises and methodologies followed by professional sports athletes. Advise and guidance about Injury Prevention, Nutrition Advice, Reaction and good lifestyle habits are the other exclusive services we offer which are customised to suit the needs of your children.

Be a part of our winning culture, environment and training, its all-inclusive nature helps athletes on field and off field. Our exposure and expertise has given us invaluable, rich experience which we want to share with young players so that we can create the stars of tomorrow.

What sets us apart is that we love to educate and help youngsters at any ability level. We also teach athletes resilience and belief through a wide range of exclusive tools and exercises.

It means, athletes and youth (or parents) of any ability enrol at Ksquared Sportstyle to achieve results in a safe, progressive and winning environment.



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