The Blue Zone was named after the Longevity Hotspots within the world. Blue Zones are well known for their holistic wellbeing and the lifestyles that they live, which see’s most people living past 100 years old.

With that in mind, everything we do is with the goal of your child being able to train safely and have a sustainable method for the rest of their life.

Technique, load and smart programing is at the forefront of all sessions.

Note: all of our sessions have been professionally tailored with macro, meso and microcycles. which is word blabber for planned with goals!

Below is a quick breakdown of what we do on each day:

Gratitude & breathing techniques are at the end of every session 😁.

Movement Monday

Intention: With most youth playing sport on weekends, this session’s main focus is on recovery techniques and priming the body for the week to come.

This includes:

  • Myofacial release
  • Functional movement
  • Light aerobic conditioning 
  • Fun sport games
  • Light strength training
  • Breathing techniques

Tuesday Lower body S&C

Intention: Lower body Compound lift i.e. back squat, deadlift etc with professional technique advice that guarantees injury prevention. Followed by lower body conditioning circuit.

Wednesday Box Fitt

Intention: Mix the week up with some fun. aerobic boxing, technique guidance and let out any built up frustration. 

Thursday Upper Body S&C

Intention: Upper body compound lift i.e. bench press, chin up etc as always professional technique advice. Followed by an upper body conditioning circuit.

Fast Twitch Friday

Intention: Fire up the type 2 muscle fibres and also get the prefrontal cortex blasting on all cylinders. Agility, fast movements and reaction games are the kings on this day.

Super Saturday Full Body S&C or Sports prep

Intention: There are two options to this day depending on what you’re doing. first option is full body strength i.e. olympic lifts, thrusters etc followed by a full body tickle conditioning circuit. Or if you’re playing sports we prepare you with activating the right muscles for you’re sport, visualisations, affirmations and soft tissue work that will help you play to your potential on the field.

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Our training rituals are comprehensive and are structured in a way that will make sure every individual who enrols, gets to nurture their potential and flourish in all facets of their holistic wellbeing. Our methodical and expert workout sessions include foundation, resistance and circuit training, functional movement, plyometrics, aerobic conditioning, Speed mechanics and agility training that will ensure the all-round development and health of your body and mind.

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