Ksquared Sportstyle can help you anywhere in Australia or anywhere in the world through their different types of online services. The three services are Upload your Skill, Tailored Programs & Holistic Wellbeing.

Upload your skill:

Having difficulty with a particular skill and don’t want to spend a huge amount of $ on private coaching! This option is for you..

All you do is send us footage of a particular skill you would like feedback on. K² will then analyse your clip and send back professional advice with voice overs and digital editing.

Tailored Programs:

Did Covid-19 get in the way of your training schedule and plan? Let K² get you back on track.

Our programs are designed in 4 week blocks, specifically tailored to your lifestyle, sports and goals. No matter what the goal i.e. strength, skill, power, agility etc K² will help you reach your potential. Professional technique advice and guidance for all movements. Exercises, weight loads, training load, reps, sets, tempo and range of movement will all be catered to your needs. Video online and zoom calls will be available. K² Sportstyle also gives out a lot of their wellbeing and skill tips on their youtube channel if you're having financial issues.

Holistic Wellbeing:

Do you believe in your off field performance, as much as your on field performance. If you believe in investing time into your holistic wellbeing to help you reach your full potential in sport and life.

Ksquared’s Holistic wellbeing service will definitely move you towards flourishing in life and what you value.

Ksquared Sportstyle

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