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Our programs are designed and strategically implemented to aid in the comprehensive development of the individual. It is a program that is open for both the youth and the adults. Our training rituals are comprehensive and structured that will make sure that every individual who enrolls in them gets to nurture their potential to become fitter and smarter. Our methodical and expert workout sessions include foundation, resistance and circuit training, functional movement and lower body strength exercises, aerobics, body weight exercises and agility training that will ensure the all-round development and health of your body and mind. Our high performance strength facility will give your body the conditioning to get back in shape and toughen up. We also focus on sleep hygiene and mindset training that is bound to give you the mental agility that you need to face the toughest circumstances in life.

We are aware of the precautions that needs to taken and make sure that we only use sustainable training methodologies which will prevent injuries. We also offer expert guidance on nutritional needs. Walk in at a time that you find most suitable and you can be sure of walking away as a happy and healthy individual.

K² Blue Zones Sessions

Name Includes
Movement Mondays
  • Foam rolling techniques.
  • Trigger pointing.
  • Mobility flow.
  • Foundation training.
  • Functional Movement.
  • Reaction.
  • Resistance band work.
  • Circuit training.
  • prehab/rehab exercises.
Tuesday S&C Lower Body
  • Technique guidance
  • Functional movements
  • Lower body strength
  • Conditioning
  • Core
  • Mobility Flow
  • Body prime
Wednesday Box Fitt
  • Aerobic boxing
  • Strength endurance
  • Body weight exercises
  • Core
  • Reaction
  • Mobility Flow
Thursday S&C Upper Body
  • Technique guidance
  • Functional movements
  • Upper body strength
  • Conditioning
  • Core
  • Mobility Flow
  • Body prime
Fast twitch Fridays
  • Pre exercise rituals.
  • Prefrontal priming
  • Upper body strength
  • Reaction
  • Plyometrics
  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Resistance band
  • prehab/rehab exercises
  • Circuit training
Saturday S&C Full Body
  • Technique guidance
  • Functional movements
  • Full body strength
  • Conditioning
  • Core
  • Mobility Flow
  • Body prime


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One off prices for Sessions

Youth = $20



10 sweats = $150

20 sweats = $300


K2 Youth Blue Zone membership

Price: $34.99 weekly

Age: 13-17yrs

Gender: Male & Female

Available session times:

3:30pm – 4:15pm ➡ Monday – Friday

4:45pm – 5:30pm ➡ Monday – Friday

  • No lock in contract
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Saturday sessions included
  • 8 steps to a better tackle
  • 12 MEMBERS max each class

Saturday’s – Youth members have access to this session:


Strength & Conditioning full body

6:30am – 7:15am OPENS

7:45am – 8:30am OPENS

9:00am – 9:45am YOUTH

K² One on Ones


  • One consultation (First session free) – Life story Narrative, SMART+ Goal setting,
    Screening of client.
  • Program design and strategy implementation.
  • Elite coaching advice and personal guidance every session.
  • High performance training and recovery techniques.
  • Access to High performance strength facility.
  • Wellbeing tools and education: Sleep Hygiene & Mindset training
  • Nutrition tips
  • Strength
  • Skill & Conditioning
  • Injury prevention
  • Sustainable training methods



One off session: $100

12 sessions over 6 weeks: $80 a session (pay upfront for all sessions)
Available days & times:

Mon- Fri: 6:30am – 7:15am or 3:30pm – 4:15pm

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